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The YBNL School

We are open

The School is enjoying a rapid expansion, but we a committed to maintaining services while we create this new campus for 'Your Body Never Lies.'

Joining The YBNL School gives you access to our five coaches every Friday morning (California time) for a free Q & A hour, as well as chat and plenty of opportunities to otherwise engage with our teachers, coaches or other students. See more below!

More than workshops

The YBNL School for Personal Development is a community of like-minded individuals who congregate to learn, share and grow. With chat and a customized activity feed, you have the option to engage as much or as little as you like.

Our facilitators and coaches are committed to helping you understand and apply the YBNL material. Therefore, we always welcome you to use us a resource for understanding or encouragement, and we invite you to reach out to us often. 

You can greatly accelerate your learning through immersion in our campus life: discussion groups, coaching, student lounge, live chats and more. It's all being figured out, and you are welcome to chime in.

What you won't find: trolls, drama or distractions. We are committed to creating a safe space for learning so that you might advance quickly and then move on to your next adventure. We have no interest in keeping you here after graduation.

If you choose to continue further with YBNL, the College campus has the advanced courses and will be open in Fall of 2020. College opening updates are posted in the bimonthly newsletter. For further information (without joining this campus), visit YourBodyNeverLies.org.

Classes are available

"Shift your Inner Dialogue" is a short class with exercises that can be completed in under an hour. With practice, the exercises help create a calmer, quieter inner dialogue with less debate.

"The YBNL Online Playshop" is freely available for you to do at your own pace, with help from our coaches as you desire it. It is a series of 37 videos totaling four hours, and should take 4-6 weeks to complete as solo study. With coaching, students may complete the workshop in as little as four days (the immersive live workshop was a two-day class).

Get started! Our classes happen at your own pace and are free and without ads. 

Our coaches are also available on their own schedules, and at their own rates. Coaching is a great way to get through the material quickly, and we have multipe coaches at your disposal. You can meet them during Free Q & A on Fridays, or visit the coaching page at YourBodyNeverLies.org.

I'll need more help

If you have difficulties learning, we suggest beginning with the "student class," a short video about learning and understanding (available September 2020).

Plenty of opportunities for clarification are available, including posts, live chat, discussion groups, and phone or video coaching. You can do this!

Be a student first

We refrain from arguing politics or religion, and maintain focus on achieving the results that we seek. We are about information and results, not people or personalities, nor beliefs or faith. We have room for all people, regardless of origin, identification or ideology. We come from many different backgrounds, and we look forward to returning to those after we complete The YBNL Playshop.

See you inside!

Be sure to give us a short bio and also remember to adjust your activity feed and alert settings. We look forward to welcoming you as a student in The YBNL School.

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